Pocket Neighborhoods

A pocket neighborhood is a type of planned community that consists of a grouping of smaller residences, often around a courtyard or common garden, designed to promote a close-knit sense of community and neighborliness with an increased level of contact.

The Community

Having support in recovery is vital to success. More and more you are hearing about peer support, or peer coaching. Being surrounded by others who understand and support your recovery is key in long term success. Our neighborhoods naturally lend themselves to a sense of community of like minded individuals who have a common goal. 

The Housing

Part of integrating back into society after being institutionalized is learning to live on your own again. Our individual cottages offer the independence within our communities that allows for further growth. Additionally, these beautiful cottages provide the perfect space for children to grow and flourish.

The Cottages

Our 500 to 700 square foot cottages are perfect for that next step in recovery. Each cottage will be carefully designed by professional architects and developers for maximum livability and comfort. These beautiful cottages will be something their surrounding neighbors can be proud of. Additionally the program includes community service hours which will not only develop home ownership skills, but will also ensure the longevity of the development itself.