Our Roots

 Community Arms Inc. grew out of the need to provide additional services for women survivors of sex trafficking who had gone through a fifteen month rehabilitation at our partner organization, Hope Center Indy. While volunteering there, our founder Michelle Hensley came to realize the need for additional services for women coming out of institutional recovery programs. These services are vital in order to create a successful transition back into society, while reuniting these women with their children. It didn’t take long to see how these services could benefit thousands of other women exiting various recovery programs throughout central Indiana.
Women leaving these programs often find it difficult to locate and afford healthy places for them and their children to live, let alone thrive. Substance abuse routinely results in either missing or bad employment and / or rental history.

Frequently, they end up alone in economically challenged, drug infested areas surrounded by the very drugs and chaos they are trying to overcome. All of this while only a few weeks sober, trying to work, parent and start over with little community support. The odds for relapse increase substantially in this scenario.
Our goal is to provide safe long-term, semi-permanent housing in pocket communities where these women and their children may connect and be provided with multiple resources. The accountability, peer support and community resources will all increase their odds of success, as well as give these women the tools to help break the cycle with their own children.


To provide semipermanent housing for women, and their children, coming out of institutional recovery programs.


Community Arms believes that every human being on this planet has the opportunity to make a difference. That if given the opportunity ordinary people can do extraordinary things! By partnering with other amazing organizations, businesses, charities and individuals we can make a substantial impact in the lives of recovering women and their children. "It takes a village, let's build them one!"

Incredible need for a program like this! Great people, hugely passionate about what they're doing!

Scott Bridge

The need is strong, the vision is massive, and the people this organization is attracting to take action are so on target! I’M IN!!!

Josh Bach