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This April 4th please join us for an amazing jazz brunch to help raise funds for these beautiful cottages! To find out more, or to purchase tickets, click on the poster. ---->

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Community Arms Mission

To provide semipermanent housing for women, and their children, coming out of institutional recovery programs.

Each neighborhood will consist of 12 to 20 cottages that range in size from 500 to 700 sq. ft. These homes will be centered around a common house and other shared spaces. The neighborhood’s design fosters a sense of community and accountability while preserving personal privacy and dignity. Residents will collaborate in shared responsibilities and service to the community.

Studies have shown that individuals are significantly more likely to sustain abstinence from drugs and alcohol as the length of their sobriety increases. Only 36% of people with 1 year or less of sobriety were able to sustain it, whereas 64% relapsed. Of individuals with 1 to 3 years of continuous sobriety, more than 66% sustained it. However, of women with 3 or more years of recovery, 93% were successfully able to continue their sobriety. Research has clearly demonstrated that the odds of sustained recovery improve dramatically with the length of abstinence through the first 3 years of sobriety and then it stabilizes.

Being new in recovery is difficult. Accountability is just the beginning. Through our fabulous  community partners we are able to connect each of our residents, and their children, to vital resources they need to succeed. Benefits like parenting skills, financial education, counseling, therapy, job training, career assessments, continued education resources, GED tutoring and so much more. 

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Watch us grow!

Community Arms provides semipermanent housing and resources for women, and their children, coming out of institutional recovery programs.